About Us

DOSIS Latina is a one-of-a-kind Latino-inspired brand designed to embody the colorful expressions, the intense passion, and captivating sensuality of Latino heritage. The launch of DOSIS Fragrances for women and men marks the start of our dedication in addressing the demanding fragrance requirements and preferences of Latinos and Latinas everywhere.  Our rich Latino culture has a major influence in the world today from food to music, and now fragrances…DOSIS Fragrances.

After extensive research to uncover the aesthetic and scent preferences of Latinos and Latinas, three distinct DOSIS Fragrances were created for women and three for men: DOSIS de Cariño, DOSIS de Amor, DOSIS de Pasión, and HOMBRE de Oro, HOMBRE de Plata, HOMBRE de Platino. Made in the U.S.A., DOSIS Fragrances offer sensuality, variety and intoxicating passion.

Each of the DOSIS fragrance bottles for women feature rich hues of color that mesh together creating a sense of movement in the sensual curves of the glass. Diamond-like stones are imbedded into the glass sculpture offering a heightened sense of value and worth to the product. The metallic-toned cap as an integrated yet removable ring of rhinestones that can actually be worn…very fashionable, classy and simply beautiful.

DOSIS Fragrances also introduces HOMBRE, a compelling collection of men’s cologne that celebrates the modern Latino man. Latinos celebrate their good looks with their sense of style and the scents they wear. It’s not about being macho, it’s about knowing who you are, what you have to offer the ladies, and ultimately reaching your personal and professional goals.

Virility, strength, power meets assertiveness, commitment and dedication…the things that truly define a man. HOMBRE cologne’s packaging is sleek, clean and upscale with a metallic treatment in deep hues of brushed metal that convey masculinity and make an appealing visual statement.